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Not everyone likes to plan celebrations, but almost everyone needs to plan one at some point and feels the need to make it unique and memorable.

For D’VAXVA’s Portable Parties founder Doris Jones,  the occasion was her husband’s birthday. Doris wanted a gift basket to be delivered to his job and shared with his co-workers. After a long search, she didn’t find a gift basket that reflected his personality or taste buds. Her husband’s birthday came and went without finding the gift she had hoped for. This left Doris thinking she could create a fun, “party-like” experience to celebrate honorees and welcome co-workers to join in the party.  Doris designed a luau themed prototype party cart. She shared pictures of the cart with family, friends, and strangers. The feedback was positive and people wanted to know when they could order one. This insight was great motivation to continue.

No matter what product you select you can be sure that your honoree will receive a unique, memorable and thoughtful gift.

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